Discover the secret behind the distinction of Ruwais Marine Services Company

Because Ruwais Marine Services Company does not accept anything less than excellence as its title, since its inception it has held strategic partnerships with international companies in various disciplines, among which we mention Ecocoast company specialized in producing and manufacturing coastal and waterways protection system (Silt Curtain, Oil boom , Beach/Security Barriers , Jellyfish Net and Geosynthetic Containers ), and thanks to this partnership and the competence of its employees,  Ruwais Marine Services '' RMS '' was able to complete several projects in this field such as ; Supply, installation and maintenance of private beach barriers ;  Supply, installation and maintenance of Silt curtain ;  Supply, installation and maintenance of Waterway & Protection Solution,     This distinction between the experience of RMS and the high quality of Ecocoast products gave an effective contribution to protecting the environment and enriching marine life.

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