Why Ruwais Marine Services (RMS) is your best choic ?

 Since its inception, Ruwais Marine Services company has enjoyed a strong partnership with well-known shipyard specialists all over the world with years of experience in ship building and repair to provide you with multiple products and services, including:

  • Ship building and renovation.
  • Shipbuilding consultancy and supply of supervision crew and technicians.
  • Detailed planning of material flows and equipment requirements.
  • Monitor project schedules and workflow.
  • Transfers, repairs and supervision, which includes many different works such as "steel and pipe works, hydraulic machinery works, electrical and electronic works, and others."

Ruwais Marine Services (RMS) also employs experienced and knowledgeable human cadres to manage various projects efficiently and professionally.

Since Ruwais Marine Services (RMS) is keen to provide services and build facilities that exceed all expectations, the company is committed to health, safety, quality and environmental standards from the beginning of work on the project until its completion.

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