15th Gulf Water Conference to convene in Doha on April 28

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation 'Kahramaa' in collaboration with the Water Science and Technology Association and Secretariate General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, will hold the 15th Guld Water Conference in Doha on April 28, under the patronage of Minister of State for Energy Affairs HE EngSaad bin Sharida Al Kaabi.

Twenty speakers will participate in the conference attending seven main sessions, and 50 research papers will be discussed. The topics include ways of reducing carbon emissions in the water sector of the GCC Countries in collaboration with the General Secretariate and the effective management of the municipal water sector in collaboration with the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association.

Additionally, the conference will explore prospects of water science and technology research in collaboration with the UNESCO office in Cairo, and the use of technology to bridge the data gap for the effective management of agricultural water in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 'FAO.' The sessions will also cover topics related to the privatization of the water sector and regulatory aspects, which are organized in cooperation with the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association.

Additionally, the sessions will address water information systems for integrated water management in collaboration with the UNESCO office in Doha, as well as the study of antimicrobial resistance in municipal wastewater in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme.

President of Kahramaa EngIssa bin Hilal Al Kuwari pointed out that technology is an important tool we possess today, and we strive to harness it to improve the water sector and enhance the management of water resources. With coordination between the GCC countries and the concerned organizations, we can effectively implement these innovations. This conference is an invitation to share expertise and discuss the latest technologies, benefits, and challenges facing the region. It is an important step towards the sustainability of the water sector, elevating the level of water treatment, investing in water sector technologies, and identifying smart innovative solutions.

He also stated that the conference welcomes all participants and invites fruitful discussions related to the future of the water sector and modern technology in the Gulf region. Water resources serve as a link between society and the environment and are an essential resource for human well-being that cannot be dispensed with. To enhance water sustainability, it is necessary to develop technological and smart systems in this sector, cooperate with neighbouring countries, and have the ability to adapt to challenges and come out of the conference with actionable recommendations. The conference also aims to invite all researchers, experts, and engineers in the water sector to present innovations and initiatives to achieve water efficiency and the goals of sustainable development.

The Vice President of the Water Science and Technology Association, the Head of the Scientific and Training Committee, and the Dean of the Graduate Studies College at the Arabian Gulf University, Professor Waleed Al Zubari, stated that the conference primarily aims to review the current and emerging technologies used in various water sectors, increase awareness of them, and understand their advantages, challenges, and limitations.

The participants will endeavour to present technological solutions applied in the region and internationally to address the challenges that face the water sector. The conference also aims to connect scientists and exchange expertise and case studies of best practices in the GCC countries and other countries in the region regarding the use of technology in the water sector.

Al Zubari mentioned that the conference's slogan is 'Gulf Water: Embracing Technological Progress,' attributing choosing the slogan to the radical change in the systems of production, management, and governance, at a time when we stand on the brink of the technological revolution, the fourth industrial revolution. He anticipates that technology will have an impact on the entire water sector and the activities related to the management of this sector.

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