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In the ever-evolving world of maritime operations, the seamless and efficient management of vessels is the linchpin for success. Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS), a prominent Qatari-based company, has etched its name as a leader in the maritime sector by offering a comprehensive suite of ship management services. With a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, RMS stands as a beacon of excellence in ship management.

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) is a Qatari-based Company. A leading company specializing in Marine Floating Solutions, Port Maintenance, AtoN Solutions, and Ship Management. 

Shiplink S.A has a long-standing presence in various maritime and technical services that started back in 1993 with the establishment of SHIPTECH LTD., in Piraeus, Greece. Shiplink offer a broad range of services, ranging from Consulting, Design, Engineering & Plan approval to Project Financing, Contracting, Management and Supervision for New Builds, Ship Repair, Retrofit and Conversion of Ships. Shiplink background, credentials and accumulated experience in servicing our clientele of Greek and other International Ship Owners and Ship Managers for more than 25 years, guarantees our Performance and Quality of Services.

Shiplink offers a wide variety of services including: 

  • Ship Management 

  • Engineering, Consulting, Project-Contracting-Procurement Management & On-site supervision

  • On-site supervision for Retrofit, conversions and New-buildings

  • Shipyard Agency for Dry-docking services & repairs, major conversions and modifications

  • Turn Key Project Solutions including Engineering, Riding Teams, Class Approval, materials procurement and Contracting of Installation works.

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) and Shiplink S.A have collaborated together for more than a decade to support the Maritime Industry in Qatar.  The collaboration offers Ship Management services including Dry-docking and Technical Inspection around the world.  Our business partners are well established shipyards and ship repair companies located in prominent worldwide locations such us North Europe, Baltic Sea, Greece, Turkey, Black Sea, the Middle East, and the Far east including China.

We strive to deliver seamless vessel operation management through efficiency in a strong workplace safety culture.  We offer the following Ship Management services:

  • Technical Management; 

  • Commercial Management 

  • Crew Management 

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