Enabling Safe Berthing

Keeping up with the growing volume of Shipping and Yachting transport requires both port and waterway maintenance. Our reputation ensures that RMS is the first port of call when it comes to keeping the Ports and Marinas Safe. Ports and Marinas play a crucial role in the economy through shipping services and the entire maritime industry. Maintenance-conscious engineering is the best way to mitigate surprise breakdowns, sustainability of the assets throughout the design life and saving on costs and improving productivity and competitiveness.

Given the growing importance of conserving port infrastructures, the automation of maintenance tasks has a major role to play. Bear in mind that ports are complex ecosystems with many elements vital to the proper running of the facility on a global scale and that require inspection, analysis and regular maintenance. 

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) is a Qatari based Company, offers comprehensive port and marina management solutions.  RMS's expertise covers turnkey Port and Marina Management solutions such as;

  • Maintenance and repair of Jetty / Mooring accessories; 

    • Bollards, Ladder, Mooring Rings, Fenders etc. 

  • Maintenance of Shore services 

    • Potable Water System 

    • Electrical Pedestal / Shore Connections 

    • Fuel Supply System

    • Fire Fighting and SOS Systems 

    • Waste Recovery Systems. 

  • Maintenance of Vessel Traffic Management System.

    • Monitoring and Control Systems 

    • AtoN Systems 

    • Buoys  

  • Conservation and Maintenance of Port Structures 

    • Quay Walls 

    • Marina Pontoons 

    • Slipways 

    • Walkways 

    • Dolphins 

  • Maintenance of Underwater structures

    • Piles 

    • Metrological Sensors 

    • Quay 

    • Seabed cleaning / Dredging 

  • Port Operation

    • Mooring Assistance 

    • Berthing Planning 

    • Stevedoring 

    • Special Mooring Operations

  • Environmental Protections / Prevention / Response Solutions  

    • Floating Waste Monitoring and Removal (Manned & Unmanned Solutions)  

    • Oil Spill Monitoring and Response (Manned & Unmanned Solutions)  

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