Unmanned Surface Vessels/Vechiles

Smart Autonomous Maritime Vessels:

Autonomous technology heralds an exciting future for maritime applications. The Smart Autonomous Maritime Vessel (SMAV) refers to a formerly manned vessel that has been transformed into an autonomous vessel. It serves as a significant advancement in unmanned technology development. 

The SMAV offers enhanced operational efficiencies and safety by integrating various features. These include autonomous waypoint navigation, Collision Detection, and Collision Avoidance systems, as well as the proprietary ST Engineering Ship Management and Sensemaking System.

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS)

RMS is a Qatari-based Company. A leading company specializing in the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Marine Floating Solutions, Marine Constructions, ATON Solutions, MARPOL Protections, Safety and Security solutions in the Maritime and Oil & Gas Sector. 

ST Engineering Unmanned & Integrated Systems PTE.LTD (ST UIS)

(a part of ST Engineering Ltd, Singapore)  

Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering Ltd) group is a government-linked entity specializing in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. Created in December 1997.

ST Engineering Unmanned & Integrated Systems PTE.LTD (ST UIS) is a part of ST Engineering Ltd, Singapore,  created for adapting to technological advances while meeting the complex needs of competitive marketplace. ST UIS helps to unlock the value of digitalization through vessel intelligence solution; ST UIS designs and development of unmanned vessels. we develop autonomous vessels that ease manpower constraints, improve operational efficiencies, and most importantly, keep seas and crew operators safe

The Future of Maritime Industry is Autonomous? 

Imagine a world where shipping, autonomous ships navigate with computer-managed itineraries and logical decision-making systems. This impressive technology is now a reality, brought to you in partnership between RMS and ST UIS for Smarter and Safer Shipping. 

Based on partnership collaboration, ST UIS and RMS have been working closely to develop the opportunities in the area of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) systems for applications such as Surveillance, Patrolling, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue, Underwater Survey, Mine Countermeasure, Oil Spill response as well as AutonoMast System and Autonomous Flotsam Clearance Vessels in Qatar. 


AUTONOMAST™ is designed to convert a manned vessel into an unmanned surface vessel for autonomous missions. It is suited for the defense, maritime security, oil and gas, windfarm, firefighting and shipping industries, enabling vessels to manoeuvre autonomously, intelligently and safely at sea

Autonomous Flotsam

The Autonomous Flotsam is an autonomous solar powered vessel designed for various applications, including:

  • Retrieve flotsam (marine debris)

  • Clear aquatic plants

  • Sample and monitor water quality

The green vessel can be operated in various modes, such as manual, remote and autonomous. Equipped with stereovision cameras, the JUPITER ASPV detects and avoids obstacles in its path for safe navigation in the water.

Application of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) 

  • In the civilian sector, it can revolutionize logistics, making supply chains more efficient and cost-effective.

  • It can contribute to the growth of smart cities by enabling autonomous vessels to transport goods and passengers seamlessly.

  • In the military domain, autonomous navigation offers a significant advantage by reducing risks to human personnel during critical missions.

  • Autonomous ships can enhance surveillance, reconnaissance, and defense capabilities in real-time.

  • Oil and Gas sector for Oil Spill responses, Security, Metrological, Bathymetric and Underwater Surveys.

  • Maritime Surveys.

  • Maritime border Patrolling / Coast Guard Operation. 

  • Autonomous Flotsam Clearance Vessel Fire Fighting (FIFI) USV.

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