Protection in our nature and required in the marine environment

What is Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)? 

MGPS helps in maintaining good seawater circulation. Eliminating corrosion in the pipelines. Marine growth prevention eliminates the settlement of macro biofouling organisms on the ship's interior piping systems, thus creating less waste due to the longer lifecycle of the pipes. 

What is ICCP System?

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems are used to protect the metal surfaces of ships exposed to the corrosive effects of the marine environment. ICCP systems consist of sacrificial anodes connected to an external power source.

What is UltroSonic Anti Fouling? 

Ultrasonic Anti Fouling is a technology that uses high-frequency sound (ultrasound) to prevent or reduce biofouling on underwater structures, surfaces, and medium

What is Sacrificial Anode?

A sacrificial anode is part of a cathodic protection system and is attached to a steel structure to protect it against corrosion. It is made of a more active, less noble metal (usually zinc or Aluminium) than that of the structure itself. 

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) is a Qatari-based Company. A leading company specializing in Marine Floating Solutions, Port Maintenance, AtoN Solutions, Ship repair and maintenance. 

We RMS pleased to introduce our Principals M/s. OES Group Ltd based in the UK, OES designs, manufactures, and supplies cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems for use in the offshore structures, maritime, and harbour industries, and has developed a world-first anti-corrosion system for offshore structures which not only offers a lower carbon footprint than existing solutions but is also technically superior and more cost-effective.

OES Group has over ten years of experience in providing Turnkey Solutions. The company works with major operators for all classifications of vessels in various operating environments.

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS (and OES Group Ltd (OES) - Based on a Strong Partnership collaboration, OES Group Ltd and Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L have been working closely on the Protection of vessel Hulls, Piping systems, Tanks, Seawater cooling systems, Firefighting systems, Propulsion gears and heat exchangers, and growing together in the Marine and Oil Gas Market in Qatar.

The partnership offers the following solution to Oil & Gas structures, the Maritime Industry (All types of vessels), Port and Marine Construction.

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