Safe and Sustainable Navigation


A navigational aid (NAVAID), also known as an aid to navigation (ATON), is any type of signal, marker, or guidance device that aids the Navigators in navigation, usually in maritime. Common types of such aids include lighthouses, buoys, fog signals, and day signals.


(INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARINE AIDS TO NAVIGATION AND LIGHTHOUSE AUTHORITIES) IALA is a non-profit, international technical association. The aim of IALA is to foster the safe, economic and efficient movement of vessels, through improvement and harmonisation of aids to navigation worldwide and other appropriate means, for the benefit of the maritime community and the protection of the environment.

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) and Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas –(MSM)

Ruwais Marine Services W.L.L (RMS) is a Qatari based Company. A leading company specialized in Design, Construction and Maintenance of Marine Floating Solutions, Marine Constructions and ATON Solutions in Qatar.

Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas (MSM) is a leading IALA Member, and a modern innovative company, mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of marine and waterway Aids to Navigation solutions for Marine and Offshore Industries.

Based on a Strong Partnership collaboration, Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas and Ruwais Marine have been working closely on aids to navigation projects, sharing values ​​and principles, and growing together in Marine and Oil Gas Market in Qatar.

MSM Offshore and MSM Ocean division of MSM have been recently created to provide solutions to our customers in potentially hazardous areas and those offshore projects that need maritime signalling.

The divisions offer the following solutions to LNG Terminals, Ports, Channels and Offshore platforms.

  • Marine Navigational Buoys

   - Metrological / Oceanograpic Buoys

   1. Navigational Buoys.

   2. Tsunami Buoys.

   3. Safe Port Buoys .

  • Mooring Buoys.
  • Port Towers including Leading and Spectre Lights.
  • Marine Lanterns (Self-contained/ AtexApproved).
  • Fog Horn.
  • Auditable Aids.
  • Radar Beacons.
  • Global Netcom System.

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